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Our Training Approach

Our approach is driven by the idea of developing visionary leaders capable of transforming organizations, communities, governments, nations, or our world for the benefits of people. Our programs are built on foundational public service values and competencies that transcend professions and missions. Drawn in the latest public and private research, our programs and services are dedicated to the mission of transforming people and organizations, focusing on contemporary challenges through the lens of both government and private sectors. This approach fosters the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources to strengthen and improve individuals and agencies. Our programs support developing visionary leaders, building capacity to solve challenges, and improving human resource capabilities.

Developing visionary leaders

We believe great leaders can transform and improve organizations or governments to best serve the people. Whether you are an aspiring leader, new supervisor, or seasoned executive, our career-spanning, multilevel leadership curriculum guides you through development and career growth – for your current role or the one you aspire to.

Our curriculum is built upon OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and competencies that represent guideposts on the path to career and organizational success.

Our leadership programs are offered:

Building capacity to solve challenges

Our project-based learning approach helps agencies to solve public sector, complex challenges around people, processes, and performance while building their capacity through training and participatory learning.

First, our consultants guide you in thinking how customized innovation programs can meet your agency’s unique needs. Then, we help you apply design mindsets, approaches, and methods to address those immediate needs.

This approach equips your agency’s employees with improvement, innovation, and design capabilities to apply to transformation initiatives.

  • Human-centered design: Usild Think Tank offers project-based learning in human-centered design to support capabilities in:

    • Customer experience design

    • Community and user research and engagement

    • Equity initiatives

    • Problem framing

    • Strategic planning

    • Service design

    • Program design

    • Organizational development

    • Operations and business systems

  • Process improvement: Offered through Usild's Process & Performance Improvement Program, our improvement capabilities include:​

    • Supporting the shift of time and energy from low-value to high-value work, and

    • Uncovering root causes of process challenges

  • Utilizing data to shape critical public sector processes

Human resources capabilities improvement

Usild Training Programs pertaining to HR are offered through the Usild HR Academy. This academy helps  supports the government clients' initiative to grow HR workforce capability. The program of study establishes a single, standardized framework based on career mapping for federal HR practitioners, developing skills in staffing, classification, compensation, and Delegated Examining. All courses offered by the Usild HR Academy can be taken individually or delivered as agency cohorts (in person or online).

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